School Bus Safety Week

This is National School Bus Safety Week, and the Texas Department of Public Safety wants to remind the public that they play an important role in ensuring that school buses make it to their destinations every day.

DPS is offering these tips for school bus safety that include slowing down when you’re driving, especially around the buses, and always looking for children.

Children should always be at the bus stop, five minutes early, so they’re not making dangerous choices to get to the bus on time, such as running to the bus, crossing the street illegally, running after the bus, or running in front of it.

Ensure children know how to look both ways before crossing the street, and also teach children to watch for vehicles pulling out of nearby driveways.

You must remember drivers must stop, if the bus has its flashing lights on and the stop sign is out, regardless of which way a bus is headed. Approaching cars do not have to stop for a bus if there is a physical barrier like a divided median, but if it is only divided by a left turn lane, drivers must still stop.

For other safety tips, you can go to their website at DPS dot Texas dot GOV.


Story By:   Chuck Williams

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