Amarillo Weekly Covid Report

The City of Amarillo has released its first Covid-19 report on vaccination, hospitalization, and death rates for 2022, this morning.

The three major local hospitals in the area, BSA Health System, Northwest Texas Hospital, and the Amarillo V.A..Healthcare System, report there have been 345 deaths from Covid-19 since August 1st. Out of that total, 87 point two percent were unvaccinated.

The data also points out 163 people are currently hospitalized with the disease in the Amarillo area, and out of the total currently hospitalized, 91 point four percent are unvaccinated.

Of the total hospitalized with Covid-19 62 patients are reported to be in intensive care and 95 point two percent of them are not vaccinated, and out of the total 39 Covid patients are reported to be on ventilators, all of them are not vaccinated

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