Afghan Refugees Coming To Amarillo

Refugee Services of Texas is bringing in 280 people and a majority of them are Afghan parolees.

Parolees are different from refugees since they have to immediately flee their country to avoid persecution.

Cubans are the only other group that has come to Amarillo under these circumstances.

Refugee Services of Texas says it was an unexpected challenge for many organizations to handle once U.S. troops left the country and Refugee Services say they”ve been receiving them on short notice.

Both Catholic Charities and Refugee Services say they”ve had ti hire more workers.

Both groups say they’re in need of volunteers and donations like hygiene products, prepaid cell phones, winter items, linens, cleaning supplies, and familiar foods that the refugees eat in Afghanistan.

You can contact Catholic Charities at 806-376-4571 or Refugee Services of Texas at 806-381-0099

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